About Us

Who We Are

LocalSwinger.org is a site made exclusively for Swinging Couples and Singles who are open-mind for their sexual relationship and want to find Swingers in their local area. We strive to help Swingers to date online and find the best people who could serve theie sxual needs. We also made some suggestions for new couples who are first into a swinging lifestyle or have that intention but never tried before. If you love our website, you could subscribe and we will send the last post to you once we update our article. If you have any questions about swinging lifestyle or our site, please feel free to contact us.

Why did we create this site?

It's hard for some who just have an idea about swinging life. If they don't join a community, they may never have the chance to explore their sexual orientation. But there are so many communities, clubs, groups online and offline, the best one must be someone in your local area! So we created this site for you to easily find those sites, forums and clubs.

How to contact us?

Feel free to contact us use the form below!